Re-Licensing Education Program (REP)

Real Estate REP for 2017 - Real Estate Update 2017

This course is about the Residential Measurement Standards (RMS) and includes:

The course also provides engaging and practical activities related to property measurement. In addition, it has helpful Industry Tools you can use in your practice today, such as tip sheets, checklists, and worksheets. The estimated time to complete the course is about 5 to 8 hours, depending on your familiarity with the content. The course is divided into 6 sessions, which enables you to complete it in segments. You can complete it online at no cost using a computer or a mobile device. The course is available online through your myRECA account under Education/Course Catalogue. Just review the online material, view the videos, and complete the activities. Your education profile in myRECA will be updated within 24 hours of completing the course.

Historical REP Requirements

Industry professionals MAY sometimes have to complete REP requirements from previous years if they have let their registration lapse and want to re-instate their authorization within the 3 year period their licence remains valid.

To find out which courses you must complete, if any, and to enrol in the courses, log in to myRECA.

Real Estate Re-licensing Education Program Requirements

Real Estate Update 2017 (Residential/Rural)

Real Estate Update 2016 (Residential/Rural)

Real Estate Update 2014 (All Real Estate and Property Management)

Mortgage Broker Re-licensing Education Program Requirements

Mortgage Broker Update 2015



Real Estate Re-Licensing Education Programs Under the New Real Estate Licence Model

Under the real estate licensing model launched in June 2015, new real estate associates can choose the areas of real estate practice they wish to license in (residential, commercial, rural and/or property management) and only complete the pre-licensing courses for those areas of practice. In 2016, RECA began launching separate real estate REP courses for specific practice areas.

This change could create an issue for real estate professionals licensed in several areas of practice. In the future, they could potentially have to complete four separate REP courses in order to renew, even if they do not actively practice in one or more of those practice areas. To resolve this issue, current real estate professionals will have the option to remove areas of practice from their licence prior to renewal. Real estate professionals would have the option to re-license in those areas within 36 months without having to complete the pre-licensing education.


I’m an existing professional licensed in several areas of practice. How will this affect me?
It means that, if you want to stay licensed in several or all areas of real estate practice, in some years, you may have to complete multiple real estate REP courses. To accommodate existing professionals who may be licensed in several areas of practice but do not actively trade in all of those areas, RECA will give real estate professionals the option to remove areas of practice from their licence during at renewal.

Once I remove an area of practice from my licence, can I re-license in that area?
Yes. If, within 36 months, you decide to return to an area of practice you previously removed from your licence, you can do so by completing any REP courses for that practice area that were required during your absence from that sector of the industry and then adding those practice areas back to your licence during your next renewal.

If you wish to return to an area of practice, but it has been more than 36 months, you will have to complete the pre-licensing education for that sector prior to renewing.

I’m an associate broker, will I have to complete REP for every real estate practice area in the future?
Yes. Associate brokers have all of the education and experience necessary to be a broker, but do not have their own brokerage. In order to retain your associate broker licence class, you will have to complete all real estate REP courses, in all real estate sectors, whenever RECA offers them. If you do not complete all of the necessary courses, myRECA will change your licence class to associate. You’ll have the opportunity to return to associate broker status by completing any missing real estate REP courses within a 36 month period.

How do I find out what areas of practice are on my licence?
Log on to your myRECA account and go to the Licensing tab. In your licence dashboard you'll see your areas of practice next to Licence Authorizations.