Mortgage Errors and Omissions Approved Providers

All Alberta mortgage brokerages are required to have insurance against liability for errors and omissions, and additional coverage for loss resulting from fraudulent acts in the carrying on of the business of a mortgage broker in accordance with the Real Estate Act Rules.

The minimum coverage for a single occurrence is $500,000 and $1,000,000 for all occurrences in a 365-day period for both the liability insurance and the fraud coverage.

Brokerages are able to obtain their coverage from an insurance provider of their choosing from RECA’s list of approved providers.

Here is a current list of approved providers. Click to expand for contact information.

+ AIG Insurance Company of Canada


Contact your local insurance broker



+ Chubb Insurance Company of Canada


Contact your local insurance broker


+ ENCON Group Inc.


Program Name Broker Contact
Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA) E&O Program PROLINK Insurance Group Inc. www.LMS.CA/AMBA
Peter McCabe
1-800-633-6828 ext 7730



+ Intact Insurance


Program Name Broker Contact
Mortgage Brokers Professional Liability Insurance Program Metrix Professional Insurance Brokers Inc.
1500 - 1166 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 3Z3
Fax 604-683-8032
Harold Lewington, Account Executive
Jessica Anderson, Account Executive
530000476 Renfrew Insurance Ltd.
300, 334 - 11 Ave SE
Calgary, AB   T2G 0Y2
Philip Schuman, Account Executive


+ Lloyd’s of London


Program Name Broker Contact
Special Risk Insurance Managers - Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Brokers Insurance Program provided by Atrium Underwriters Ltd.

2636 Shaughnessy Street
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 3G6

Monica Woldring
Direct: 1(888)806-8090 ext 205
Trinity Underwriting Managers Inc. Mortgage Brokers Professional Liability Policy Jones Brown Inc.
805-609 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V7Y 1G5
Leslie Ducommun, Client Manager
Direct: 1(604)609-2190
Toll Free: 1(866)810-2099


+ Lloyd's Underwriters (Aegis)


Program Name Broker Contact
Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) Program
RDA Policy: B113514CPBA1383
RDA Inc.

290 Rowntree Dairy Rd
Woodbridge, ON   L4L 9J7
Local 905-652-8680, Ext 268
Toll-free 1-800-479-6450
Fax 905-652-8688

Anthony Ambrosino, Commercial Insurance Manager
1-800-479-6450 ext 2247
Wally Steven, Account Manager
1-800-479-6450 ext 2388
Peter Dickson , Account Executive
1-800-479-6450 ext 2239



+ Lloyd's Underwriters (Catlin Underwriting Agencies Limited)


Program Name Broker Contact
Catlin Miscellaneous  Professional Liability Policy LMS Prolink Ltd. Peter McCabe
1-800-663-6828, ext. 7730



+ Lloyd's Underwriters (Marketform Managing Agency Limited)


Program Name Broker Contact
Independent Mortgage Brokers Association Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.
5500 North Service Road, Suite 402
Burlington, ON   L7L 6W6
Cheryl M. Holmes, Vice President
Account Executive
Direct: 289-313-2627
Fax: 289-313-2601
Professional Liability-Errors & Omissions For Mortgage Brokers GroupAssur Marie-Philippe Lambert, Vice President
Business Development
Phone: 514-861-3014 #10043
Fax: 514-954-1981


+ Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada


Program Name Broker Contact
Mortgage Brokers Errors & Omissions-Professional Liability Insurance Contact your local insurance broker OR
Jones Brown Inc.
805 - 609 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V7Y 1G5
Leslie Ducommun, Client Manager
Direct: 1(604)609-2190
Toll Free: 1(866)810-2099


+ The Sovereign General Insurance Company


Program Name Broker Contact
Mortgage Brokers Errors And Omissions Liability Policy                                                                                Purves Redmond Limited
1500, 155 University Ave
Toronto, ON M5H 3B7
George Ciobanu, Broker
Premier Canada -Mortgage Broker's Errors and Ommissions Insurance Costs Inclusive                                Policy: EO-M8-C1 Jones Brown Inc.
805 - 609 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V7Y 1G5
Leslie Ducommun, Client Manager
Direct: 1(604)609-2190
Toll Free: 1(866)810-2099



+ Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.


Program Name Broker Contact
Private Equity Liability Select-Management and Professional Liability Policy: #8435901 BFL CANADA Risk and Insurance Inc.
2200 – 2001 McGill College
Montréal, QC H3A 1G1
Brian Kelly, Vice President,
Team Leader 514-905-1782



To be approved to provide insurance for Alberta mortgage brokerages, insurance providers must agree in writing to abide by the Real Estate Council of Alberta vis a vis RECA’s Errors and Omissions Insurance Guidelines (Guidelines). Please note that the Guidelines do not set the premiums payable by Alberta mortgage brokerages, rather, premiums will be set at the discretion of the insurers.

By execution of the Guidelines, the insurance provider acknowledges it has a form of policy that meets the requirements and that it agrees to the undertakings provided within them. Upon receipt of an executed copy of the Guidelines, the Executive Director may approve the Policy for use by Alberta mortgage brokerages.

The word “insured” used in the Guidelines includes all persons engaged by the insured in connection with the work performed for the insured, including licensed brokers and associates who the brokerage authorizes to deal in mortgages on the brokerage’s behalf, employees and former industry members and former employees. Policies must cover insured brokerages for all acts arising from the business of a mortgage broker and dealing in mortgages as defined in the Real Estate Act.

Insurance policies for Alberta mortgage brokerages will include provisions that the insurer will undertake to provide a defence for all claims covered by the policy, including groundless allegations; that the insurer is the first payer on claims to injured third parties and will collect any applicable deductible directly from the insured; and, that the insured is responsible for notifying the insurers of every incident that might lead to a claim during the policy term.

RECA will not authorize an entity as an Alberta mortgage brokerage without proof of errors and omissions insurance, and an additional fraud endorsement from an approved insurance provider.

For more information about the errors and omissions insurance requirements for Alberta mortgage brokerages, read the Frequently Asked Questions.