Part 1 - Authorizations, Licences and Registrations

Division 8 - Review of Executive Director's Decision

39(1) A person:
(a) who has had terms, conditions or restrictions imposed under section 22;

who has been refused a licence or registration certificate under section 34, or


whose licence has been suspended or cancelled pursuant to section 35 or section 38(1);

(d) who has been suspended or expelled from a course or program in accordance with the Education Code of Conduct for Learners.
may, within 30 days after being notified in writing of the decision, request a review of the decision by an appeal panel appointed under the Act.
39(2) The appeal panel will, in addition to affording the person the opportunity to make written representations, afford the person requesting the review the opportunity to make oral representations.
39(3) The appeal panel may conduct any enquiries, in addition to those made by the executive director, it considers appropriate for the purposes of the review and, in the case of a refusal of a licence or registration certificate, may treat the request for review as an original application for a licence or registration certificate.
39(4) The executive director shall serve in accordance with the Act the decision of the appeal panel on the person requesting the review and, where the decision upholds the decision of the executive director, the decision shall be accompanied by reasons.
39(5) The appeal panel’s decision is final.
  Nov 2010, 2010-7, July 3/12 2012-3


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