Information Bulletins - Real Estate Appraisal

Below are Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) Information Bulletins on topics of interest to real estate appraisal professionals.

Advertising - Internet Guidelines - Social Media - Real Estate Appraisal Professionals (pdf)
Advertising - Licensed Name (pdf)
Advertising- Properties Not Located in Alberta (pdf)
Building Cost Replacement - Licence not Required (pdf)
Competent Service (pdf)
Comply with Legislation (pdf)
Conduct Deserving of Sanction (pdf)
Cooperate with RECA (pdf)
Disclose - Cost of Services (pdf)
Electronic Records (pdf)
Education Code of Conduct for Learners (pdf)
Employees (pdf)
Good Character - Licensing (pdf)
Good Character - Professional Conduct Review (pdf)
Holding Oneself Out (pdf)
Industry Member Interference May Be Conduct Deserving of Sanction (pdf)
Mortgage Fraud Red Flags (pdf)
Mortgage Fraud Red Flags - Real Estate Appraisal Professionals (pdf)
Notice to Executive Director - Real Estate Appraisers (pdf)
Prohibition - Discourage Legal Advice (pdf)
Prohibition - Fraudulent Unlawful Activity (pdf)
Prohibitions - Real Estate Appraisers (pdf)
Protection of Client Information (pdf)
Real Estate Appraisers - Client and Intended User (pdf)
Recommending Service Providers (pdf)
Referrals - Industry Member Requirements (pdf)
Referrals - Payment to Unlicensed Persons (pdf)
Responsibilities - Real Estate Appraisers (pdf)
Use of RECA's Logo (pdf)