Real Estate Act

Part 6 - General

Section 74 - Periodic Inspections

The executive director or a person authorized by the executive director for the purpose may conduct periodic inspections of the business of an industry member, and for that purpose

  (a) may examine and inquire into
    (i) books, papers, documents, correspondence, communications, negotiations, transactions, investigations, loans, borrowings and payments to, by, on behalf of, in relation to or connected with the industry member, and
    (ii) property, assets or things owned, acquired or alienated in whole or in part by the industry member or by a person acting on behalf of or as agent for that
industry member,
  (b) may at reasonable times demand the production of and inspect
    (i) all or any of the things mentioned in clause (a)(i), and
    (ii) all or any documents relating to a transaction in the business of the industry member,
  (c) may copy by electronic or other means, and keep copies of, anything produced under clause (b).
(2) A person who has the custody, possession or control of the things referred to in subsection (1) shall produce and permit the inspection and copying of them by the executive director or the person authorized by the executive director.

RSA 2000 cR-5 s74;2003 c31 s18;2007 c39 s43


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