Real Estate Act

Part 5 - Alberta Real Estate Foundation

Section 67- Bylaws of Foundation

The Foundation may make bylaws

  (a) respecting the conduct of the business and affairs of the Foundation;
  (b) respecting the calling of meetings of the board of governors and the conduct of business at those meetings;
  (c) designating the offices of the Foundation;
  (d) respecting the appointment, removal, functions, powers, duties, remuneration and benefits of officers and employees of the Foundation;
  (e) delegating to the officers of the Foundation or any committee of it any powers of the Foundation required to manage the business and affairs of the Foundation, except the power to make bylaws;
  (f) respecting the establishment of annual and other budgets of the Foundation and the amendment of those budgets;
  (g) respecting the establishment, membership, duties and functions of special, standing and other committees;
  (h) respecting the making of grants or loans by the Foundation.
(2) The Regulations Act does not apply to bylaws of the Foundation.

1995 cR‑4.5 s66


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