Real Estate Act

Part 5 - Alberta Real Estate Foundation

Section 65 - Powers of Foundation

In addition to its other powers as a corporation, the Foundation may

  (a) make grants or loans to any person or organization for a purpose consistent with the purposes of the Foundation;
  (b) publish, produce or distribute books, pamphlets, films or other productions that relate to any matter pertaining to the purposes of the Foundation;
  (c) acquire real or personal property;
  (d) hold, manage and dispose of its real and personal property;
  (e) enter into a contract with any person in relation to any matter pertaining to the purposes of the Foundation;
  (f) borrow money from any person or enter into overdraft or line of credit arrangements with a bank, loan corporation, trust corporation, credit union or treasury branch for the purpose of meeting its obligations as they come due, and give security for the loan, overdraft or line of credit;
  (g) draw, make, accept, endorse, execute or issue promissory notes, bills of exchange or other negotiable instruments.
(2) The Foundation may, as a condition of making a grant or loan,
  (a) require the recipient of the grant or loan to enter into an agreement with respect to any matter relating to the grant or loan, and
  (b) prescribe conditions to which the grant or loan is subject.

1995 cR‑4.5 s64


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