Real Estate Act

Part 3 - Conduct Proceedings

Section 55 - Publication of Information

The executive director may publish information respecting

  (a) the refusal, cancellation or suspension of an authorization issued by the Council under this Act,
  (a.1) the name, business contact information and category of authorization of industry members,
  (b) a person’s withdrawal from industry membership, or
  (c) prosecutions and disciplinary actions taken under this Act,

and those publications have qualified privilege.


The executive director may send a notice of any of the information published under subsection (1)

  (a) to an organization that regulates activities in another province or territory similar to those regulated by the Council if the executive director reasonably believes that the information about the industry member may result in a suspension or cancellation of the industry member’s authorization or licence in that province or territory, and
  (b) to a law enforcement agency in Alberta or in another jurisdiction in Canada where the notice of that information may be of interest to that law enforcement agency.
(3) The information that may be published under subsection (1) or contained in a notice under subsection (2) may include personal information about the industry member that is related to the business of the industry member.
RSA 2000 cR‑5 s55;2007 c39 s29


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