Real Estate Act

Part 1 - Real Estate Council of Alberta

Section 11 - Bylaws
11 The Council may make bylaws


respecting the appointment and election of officers of the Council;
  (b) prescribing time periods for the purposes of section 6(6);
  (c) respecting the duties of members and officers of the Council and their remuneration;
  (d) respecting the procedure for making appointments under section 6(1)(e) and (6);
  (e) respecting the services and other things provided by or on behalf of the Council;
  (f) respecting the conduct of the business and affairs of the Council;

respecting the receipt, management and investment of contributions, donations, bequests or any other sources of revenue received by the Council;


respecting the investigation under section 38 of the conduct of an industry member;


respecting the procedures for appointing Hearing Panels and Appeal Panels;


subject to this Act, respecting the practice and procedure before a Hearing Panel and an Appeal Panel;


respecting the costs that may be ordered under section 40(4) or 43(2) or (2.1), awarded under section 50(5) or 83.1(5) or payable under section 48(8) or 52(8) and the amount of those costs;


prescribing the form and contents of notices of administrative penalties for the purposes of section 83;


prescribing contraventions in respect of which an administrative penalty may be imposed and prescribing the amounts of the administrative penalties that may be imposed, not to exceed the amount prescribed by the regulations for each contravention;

  (m) prescribing limitation periods for the giving of notices of administrative penalties;

respecting any other matter necessary for the administration of the system of administrative penalties.


RSA 2000 cR‑5 s11;2007 c39 s5


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