Real Estate Act Ministerial Regulation

Part 3 - Nomination of Real Estate Appraiser and Property Manager Council Members


16 This Part applies to the nomination of a real estate appraiser and a property manager for appointment to Council.

AR 124/2008 s6

Request for Recommendations

17(1)  The executive director shall make a request for recommendations for appointment to Council by sending a recommendation form to each industry member who is a real estate appraiser or a property manager.

(2) The form must be sent at least 90 days prior to the expiry of the term of office.

(3)  The form may be sent to the last known electronic address for the industry member in the Council’s records.

AR 124/2008 s6


18(1)  Two real estate appraisers may recommend a real estate appraiser for nomination.

(2)  Two property managers may recommend a property manager for nomination.

(3)  A person cannot recommend himself or herself.

AR 124/2008 s6

Submission of Recommendations

19(1)  A recommendation form must

(a) be completed in the form and manner required by the executive director,

(b) be signed by the individuals making the recommendation,

(c) be signed by the person being recommended, and

(d) include an explanation of the recommended person’s qualifications.

(2)  The recommendation form must be received by the executive director within the time specified by the executive director.

(3)  The executive director may, in extenuating circumstances, extend the time in subsection (2).

AR 124/2008 s6

Committee and nominations

20(1)  The Council shall establish a committee to nominate individuals for appointment to the Council for the purpose of section 6(1)(f) of the Act..

(2)  The majority of the committee members must be present or past Council members.

(3)  If recommendation forms have been completed and received in accordance with section 19, the committee must nominate individuals who have been recommended.

(4)  If a vacancy occurs, subsection (3) does not apply.

AR 124/2008 s6

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