Responsibilities - Real Estate Brokers

Purpose: This bulletin describes the primary responsibilities of a broker of a real estate brokerage.

This bulletin applies to the broker of a real estate brokerage.

The primary focus of brokerage management is ensuring that all real estate professionals and employees of the brokerage follow legislative standards and brokerage policies and procedures.

Even though a broker can delegate some management activities, ultimately, the broker is responsible for all of the brokerage activities.

Brokers must verify that all trades in real estate made by their industry professionals comply with the Real Estate Act (Act) and Real Estate Act Rules (Rules). The broker must ensure competent service by the brokerage.

Broker responsibilities include:

If RECA grants an associate a conditional licence, subject to special supervision of the associate’s activities, the broker or delegate will monitor all of the activities and mortgage deals of an associate for a set time.

If applicable, a broker must report to RECA within three months of the brokerage’s fiscal year end with respect to its trust accounts. The brokerage must also arrange for an accountant’s report.

Brokers are also accountable for the conduct of industry professionals and employees of the brokerage. In the situation where the broker is aware, or should have been aware, of industry professional or employee misconduct, the broker must take reasonable steps to mitigate and take steps to prevent the misconduct in the future.

The failure to notify the executive director upon becoming aware of misconduct relating to fraud, deception, theft, or unlawful activities on the part of their associate broker, associate or employee is conduct deserving of sanction.

Several associates registered with Real Estate Brokerage Inc. take part in activities that may be fraudulent real estate deals. These associates work out of a satellite office where the broker is rarely present. These associates keep records of their transactions at the satellite office. The broker does not review the files. The broker must review all real estate within the brokerage. Upon becoming aware of the fraudulent activity, the broker must notify the executive director.

A broker must ensure proper management and control of all documents and records, including those related to mortgage deals, as well as licensing, registrations, and related regulatory requirements. RECA has guidelines as to what records a broker must keep.

Controlling Interest
When the broker does not have a controlling interest in the ownership of the brokerage, the broker must have a written agreement with the brokerage giving the broker the authority to carry out the responsibilities of a broker.

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