Prohibitions - Fraudulent Unlawful Activity

Purpose: This bulletin assists industry professionals to identify illegal and fraudulent activities and bring awareness to protect their integrity.

This bulletin applies to all industry professionals.

Industry professionals should safeguard their integrity at all times. This is part of being a professional.

Participating in fraudulent, deceptive or unlawful activities, including criminal activities will bring consequences to the individual who commits the conduct and it will lower the integrity of the entire profession.

You must be careful you do not facilitate fraudulent or illegal activities. This happens when an industry professional ignores clear warning signs of illegal activity and does not make any inquiry about these signs.

Professionals have a duty to be aware of the signs of fraud and other illegal activity and to guard themselves, the public and the profession from being part of these activities.

Fraud itself is not always a complex scheme. Fraud is a scheme where someone uses dishonesty to deprive someone else of their rights or interests.

Examples of illegal or fraudulent activity

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Real Estate Act Rules - section 42(b)

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