Conduct Deserving of Sanction

Purpose:  To explain conduct deserving of sanction.

This bulletin applies to all industry professionals.

When conduct of an industry professional falls below expected standards, it is conduct deserving of sanction. 

Conduct deserving of sanction includes one or more of the following:

A RECA hearing panel determines whether an industry professional’s conduct is deserving of sanction and, if so, what sanction applies.

There is a wide range of sanctions available to address the conduct of industry professionals. Sanctions may include a letter of reprimand, administrative penalty, fine, licence condition or restriction, and suspension or cancellation of one’s licence.

Industry professionals confront many challenging situations.  When the Act or Rules are unclear or silent on an issue, follow the spirit and intent of the legislation.  Best practices include:

Industry professionals should maintain competence in their chosen areas of practice and stay current with industry standards set out in the legislation. They should maintain the highest standards of conduct in their personal and professional lives.  Not only will this help them gain and retain consumer and colleague trust, respect and confidence, it will also reduce the risk of complaints to RECA and potential sanctions.

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