Assistants - Real Estate Brokerage

Purpose: To explain the responsibilities real estate professionals have to supervise assistants and the tasks assistants may perform and not perform.

This bulletin applies to all real estate brokerages, brokers, associate brokers, associates, and assistants of any of these individuals.

An individual must hold a licence from the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) to trade in real estate. Real estate professionals often hire individuals to work directly with the real estate professional. These individuals may or may not hold a licence with the real estate professional’s brokerage. If the individual holds a real estate licence, they can perform any activities a real estate professional performs. If the individual does not hold a licence with the real estate professional’s brokerage, their activities are much more restricted.

Assistants that do not hold a licence must not trade in real estate. Their activities must focus on administrative tasks.

Real estate professionals employing assistants must ensure:

Brokers must:

Tasks unlicensed real estate assistants may do: (under broker, associate broker, associate supervision):

Tasks unlicensed real estate assistants must not do are:

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