Advertising - Licensed Name

Purpose:  This bulletin sets out the rules and guidelines for using licensed names in advertising.

This bulletin applies to all real estate brokerages, brokers, associate brokers, associates, and mortgage brokerages, brokers and associates.

You must deal, trade, and advertise in your licensed name
Only deal, trade, and advertise in the brokerage’s full licensed name and the full name that appears on your personal licence.

Clearly display the brokerage’s name on all advertising. It must be obvious to a consumer.

Advertising with other names
You can use other names such as a nickname (for example, Condo Man or Mortgage Guru) or a franchise, team or brand name, as long as:

Advertising with an unlicensed person
Do not mislead the public into thinking someone is licensed when they are not. If you use the picture or name of someone who is not licensed (for example, an unlicensed assistant), you must clearly indicate their position and licensing status (for example, Mary Smith, unlicensed assistant).

Advertising guidelines
Using your brokerage’s name and contact information

Advertising with a single name, combined name, or marketing slogan

Names to avoid

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