Advertising - Clearly Indicated

Purpose: To help real estate and mortgage brokerage professionals to clearly indicate their brokerage when advertising.

This bulletin applies to all real estate and mortgage broker professionals.

All advertisements are on behalf of the brokerage must clearly indicate the brokerage name. Clearly indicate means a consumer can easily identify the brokerage name in an advertisement. A brokerage logo or website address by itself does not clearly indicate the brokerage name.

When a brokerage advertisement includes names of industry professionals, their names must be the same as appears on their respective licences. Individuals may use an also-known-as name, if they receive approval from RECA.

Any branding used in brokerage advertisements should not confuse the public. Brokerages may use branding in their ads, such as teams, divisions, geographical locations, etc., but the branding must not imply or leave the impression a team or division is a brokerage.

Clients need to know they are working with the brokerage and not contracting with a team, division, or particular associate. Avoid confusion by not using words such as realty, real estate, corporation, or partnership in team names.

The brokerage name must appear exactly as it is on the brokerage licence on all advertisements. You must not abbreviate the brokerage name in advertisements.

Examples of incorrect advertisements of the brokerage name

Brokerage Name Advertised Name
ABC Realty Incorporated ABC Realty
Canyon Real Estate Canyon RE
Integrated Mortgages of Canada Integrated Mortgages

You must include the brokerage name in addition to using the franchise logo or franchise name in brokerage advertisements.

All brokerage and industry professionals’ websites must contain the brokerage name on each website page regardless of who administers the website. Each page within a website is must clearly indicate the brokerage name.

Social Media
If you advertise your professional services on social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, you must use your name as it appears on your licence. This includes your brokerage name. The exception to this is when you use Twitter. Your brokerage name does not need to appear if the message is to attract the public to an advertisement in another location where you clearly indicate the brokerage name.  Personal social media profiles do not need to contain your brokerage name if the intent is not to attract business or advertise your professional services.

Magazine Ad Examples
This ad does not include a brokerage name. An international franchise logo, such as the Re/Max balloon, is not sufficient.


This ad contains the brokerage name but it is not clearly indicated. It is very small, not located prominently, and nearly illegible.

This ad clearly indicates the brokerage name.

Website Examples
No brokerages appears on this webpage. Most consumers would assume the Sam Jones/Jake Thompson Group is the brokerage name. Sam Jones and Jake Thompson are actually two associates registered with the unnamed brokerage.

This ad indicates the brokerage name, but not clearly enough. The group name is more prominent, complete with its own logo, and is mentioned multiple times.

This ad has the brokerage name and a group name. The brokerage name is more prominent and is displayed in the banner that appears on every website site.

This ad does not include the brokerage name.

This ad clearly indicates the brokerage name.

This ad displays prominently display brokerage information, but not as it appears on its licence. The brokerage name, The Mortgage Virtuosos Alberta, has been abbreviated to TMV Alberta.

Web Banner Ad Examples

This ad doesn’t include a brokerage name.

This ad has a brokerage franchise logo, but no brokerage name. 

This ad clearly indicates the brokerage name.

Bench Ad Examples
This ad doesn’t include the brokerage name, only a franchise logo.

This ad has the brokerage name, but it isn’t clearly indicated. The font is too small, especially compared to the associate’s name.

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