Strategic Initiatives and External Relations

Strategic Initiatives and External Relations is responsible for supporting the development, coordination, implementation, monitoring, reporting, and project management of a broad range of strategic initiatives critical to the fulfillment of RECA’s regulatory and public interest mandate. This includes internal and external communications, reception services, the real estate and mortgage broker practice advisors, consumer and industry information services, and coordination of policy research, development, and recommendations, including administration, development, and oversight of RECA’s risk management plan.

The Director of Strategic Initiatives and External Relations oversees the entire department.

RECA Communications staff within SIER are responsible for the majority of RECA’s external communications, including the RECA website, responding to information calls and emails from consumers and industry members, RECA receptionists, and publications.

Communications also provides strategic communications advice to other departments and units on the internal and external impact of their projects. Regular communications to the industry and public include RECA News emails, Regulator newsletters, social media and an Annual Report, among other things. Communications also publishes consumer information articles and industry information bulletins.

Information Officers serve as the primary source of information for industry professionals and consumers who contact RECA. Information Officers also review consumer complaints, including initial analysis of complaints and providing guidance to consumers for possible resolutions.

The Real Estate Practice Advisor and Mortgage Broker Practice Advisor respond to broker and delegate questions with practical, timely information, guidance and advisory services that support them in their responsibilities and duties. The practice advisors are also available to conduct presentations to brokerages and industry organizations on brokerage practices and regulatory issues, while assisting in the development of RECA publications and resource materials.
The Condominium Manager Project Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the consultation for the condominium manager regulations, and for leading the development of condominium manager rules and education.