Code of Conduct for RECA Staff

Code of Conduct (pdf)

RECA’s mandate is to protect consumers, administer the Real Estate Act of Alberta, and to provide services that enhance and improve the real estate industry and the business of industry professionals.

As an innovative and agile organization, one of our core strengths is our people. We value the different views, ideas, and perspectives each of us bring to RECA. Our diverse backgrounds foster innovative thinking, and provide the organizational agility we need to respond to the dynamic nature of Alberta’s real estate industry.

At RECA, we create and maintain a positive and productive workplace through a culture of excellence and professionalism. Our ability to do so rests on our actions and ethical behaviour. In addition, practising and promoting ethical conduct supports our commitment to RECA’s mandate.

RECA’s Employee Code of Conduct (the Code) outlines our shared standards of professional conduct that guide our decisions and behaviour in our day-to-day activities. It supports our mandate, reduces confusion, and promotes equality and respect within the workplace. The Code also helps protect our personal integrity and reputation and enhance the model for self-regulation.

The Code applies to all RECA employees when performing work-related activities whether in or out of RECA’s office. RECA also expects employees to comply with the Code when interacting with Council members, industry professionals, Boards, Associations, consumers, suppliers, vendors, and the public. Employees should also be aware that their conduct outside the workplace may affect RECA’s reputation and ability to carry out its mandate and responsibilities.

Our Guiding Principles
RECA is committed to the public interest. We focus on activities that protect consumers and promote the integrity of the industry. These activities help foster an environment where employees work cooperatively and proactively to make things better, for the industry, for consumers, and for each other.

This Code incorporates five principles that set the framework for the level of professional conduct to which we, as RECA employees, must hold ourselves. These principles are outlined as follows:

Principle 1: Be open and  honest
At RECA, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Being open and honest means we:

  • build trust and are trustworthy
  • act with empathy and sincerity
  • provide fair, accurate, and transparent information
  • share knowledge and information, as appropriate
  • communicate in a timely and appropriate fashion

Principle 2: Respect privacy and confidentiality
We are responsible for maintaining and protecting all personal and business information that is either in our custody or under our control. To support this Principle, we:

  • comply with Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)
  • keep all personal information strictly confidential, unless required by law
  • respect the privacy and confidentiality of others, unless required by law
  • protect RECA property, proprietary information, and intellectual property
  • keep accurate company records whether in paper or electronic form

Principle 3: Act ethically and professionally
RECA builds consumer trust and confidence in the industry. Employees can further enhance that trust by ethical and professional conduct. This means we:

  • perform our work in good faith, with impartiality, and in RECA’s best interests
  • comply with RECA policies, procedures, and guides, and the laws of Alberta and Canada
  • consider how our actions may impact our reputation and that of RECA before acting
  • show professional courtesy in all of our relationships
  • promote excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement
  • recognize and address real, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest

Principle 4: Contribute to a safe, healthy, and respectful workplace
RECA is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy, and respectful workplace that fosters equality and inclusion, and respect for diversity. Maintaining such a workplace is an individual and collective responsibility which requires us to:

  • treat all people with respect, dignity, and fairness
  • not engage in discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying, or violence
  • embrace the strengths of individual differences, experiences, and perspectives
  • support collaboration
  • resolve conflict in a positive way
  • comply with health and safety laws

Principle 5: Be responsible and accountable for our actions
We are accountable and responsible for our conduct and decisions. In doing so we:

  • exercise due care and informed judgment in our daily activities
  • fulfill the commitments we undertake – do what we say we are going to do
  • take ownership for the outcomes of our choices, behaviours, and actions
  • learn from one another and from our mistakes
  • recognize our limitations and seek guidance when needed

Application of the Code
We share a responsibility to understand the Principles of the Code and apply them in our roles as RECA employees; however, the Code is not intended to address every situation. If in doubt about whether your conduct is the right and ethical thing to do, consider answering the following questions:

  • Could my conduct damage my reputation, RECA’s reputation, or the integrity of the profession?
  • Does my conduct break the law?
  • Does my conduct create a potential conflict of interest?
  • How would my colleagues, friends, and family feel if they know about my conduct?
  • What if my conduct was reported in the media?

In circumstances where you need advice or clarification to determine an appropriate course of action, RECA encourages you to discuss your concern(s) with your supervisor.

Compliance with the Code
The importance of the Code cannot be overemphasized. Accepting and adhering to the Code is a condition of employment with RECA. We are required to know, understand, and follow the Code. Additionally, each employee must annually review and acknowledge compliance with the Code.

In circumstances where an employee suspects their own or another employee’s conduct contravenes the Code, the employee has an obligation to report the conduct to their supervisor. Employees can report the possible non-compliance using the same procedure outlined in the Harassment Policy of the RECA Employee Guide.

Failure to comply with the Code may result in disciplinary and/or dismissal action. This is in accordance with RECA’s Progressive Discipline process as explained in the RECA Employee Guide.

RECA may change the Code at any time. RECA will notify staff of changes; however, employees are encouraged to periodically review the Code to ensure they are familiar with the most current version.

Related Information
This Code is supplemented by the RECA Employee Guide and any other Council policy on openness and transparency.