Real Estate Appraisers' Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

April 2018

Industry Sector Advisory Committee


Ex Officio Members
Ex-officio and non-voting members of the committee are the RECA Chair and executive director.

RECA Resources – The executive director will appoint one or more staff members to serve as staff resources to the committee.
Industry Resources - executive directors of the three associations and associations’ project volunteers

The mandate of this committee is to provide advice to Council on regulatory issues in the real estate appraisal sector. The tasks of the committee are:


November 1st – October 31st; appointments of individuals to this committee, other than the association appointees, will be made by the Chair of Council; an individual, other than a member of Council, can serve up to three two-year terms


2017-2018 Real Estate Appraisers Advisory Committee Members    
  Robert Telford, Committee Chair    
  Bobbi Dawson, Vice Chair    
  Randy Stegemann (CNAREA)    
  Dena Knopp (AIC)    
  Angel Svennes (AAA)    
  Verle Blazek (AAA)    
  John Farmer (AIC)    
  Carlee Leliuk (CNAREA)    
  Vacant (Public Member)    
  Ex Officio    
  Brian Klingspon, RECA Chair    
  Bob Myroniuk, RECA Executive Director