Office of the Executive Director

The Executive Director of the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) is a statutory position established by the Real Estate Act. He or she is appointed by the Council and serves as chief administrative officer of Council.

The Executive Director provides leadership in the establishment and implementation of the mission, principles and values of the corporation, and in setting and implementing annual strategic goals, objectives and priorities. The Executive Director provides information, advice and support to enable sound decision-making by Council and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of RECA, which includes ensuring human and financial resources, and promoting the organization’s integrity. The Executive Director ensures the policies of Council are implemented by administration and that the Real Estate Act and Rules are administered properly and in accordance with the rules of administrative law.

Specific responsibilities of the Executive Director include:

The Executive Director is supported by the Deputy Executive Director. The Deputy Executive Director provides strategic and operational leadership for all aspects of RECA’s regulatory and public interest mandate and is a key liaison with RECA’s external stakeholders. This includes providing information and advisory services that support our industry members, the public, and individuals who wish to enter the industry as well as managing our professional disciplinary processes. The Deputy Executive Director will also be an advisor to the Executive Director and will be delegated a number of day to day responsibilities currently performed by the Executive Director, and is the Acting Executive Director in his or her absence. 

Also within the Office of the Executive Director is General Counsel. General Counsel focuses primarily on legal support to the corporation. The areas of corporate responsibility include: corporate legal issues (e.g. advice on human resource legal issues), management of corporate litigation, legislative and regulatory policy, management of provincial and federal regulatory issues (e.g. OPIC files), Real Estate Assurance Fund claims, and serving as RECA’s Privacy Officer.

General Counsel is also responsible for RECA Hearings & Appeals Policies and Procedures, training hearing and appeal panel members, and RECA’s hearings and appeals support services. General Counsel is also RECA’s first point of contact with the provincial and federal governments with respect to government policy and legislation issues affecting RECA and our industry members.

The newest member within the Office of the Executive Director is the Real Estate Practice Advisor. The Real Estate Practice Advisor responds to real estate broker and delegate questions with practical, timely information, guidance and advisory services that support them in their responsibilities and duties. The Practice Advisor assists in the delivery of RECA’s core services to industry professionals, and is available to conduct presentations to brokerages and industry organizations on real estate brokerage practices and regulatory issues, while assisting in the development of RECA publications and resource materials.