Hearings Committee

Terms of Reference

April 2018

Standing Committee


Ex Officio Members
Ex-officio members of the committee are the RECA Chair and executive director.

Three members of the committee present in person, one of whom must be the committee chair or vice chair.

RECA Resources – The executive director will appoint one or more staff members to serve as staff resources to the committee.

The mandate of the Hearings Committee is to identify, research and review issues relevant to the responsibilities of council, hearing panels, and appeal panels as outlined in Part 3 of the Real Estate Act and to make recommendations to council with respect to these areas of responsibility including:

November 1st – October 31st; appointment of council members and the industry member to this committee will be made by the Chair of Council. The appointed industry member may serve up to three, two year terms.


2017-2018 Hearings Committee Members    
  Bill Kirk, Chair    
  Rob Telford, Vice Chair    
  Krista Bolton    
  Ramey Demian    
  Madeline Sarafinchan (Industry Member)    
  Ex Officio    
  Brian Klingspon, RECA Chair    
  Bob Myroniuk, RECA Executive Director