Code of Conduct for Council Members

Council Member Declaration

I promise to:

  1. promote the public interest;
  2. uphold the principle of independence in decision making and not be influenced by public opinion, partisan interest, fear or criticism;
  3. avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest with regard to my work with RECA;
  4. keep all information I receive as a RECA council member strictly confidential and not use such information for my own gain or to benefit persons or entities outside of RECA. This provision will indefinitely survive the end of a member's term as member;
  5. foster my professional competence and knowledge, prepare fully and diligently for council proceedings, make myself available to the chair and my colleagues as requested, and act in solidarity with the council by not stating opinions that undermine the decisions of the council;
  6. make every effort to attend council meetings in person, notwithstanding the opportunity to use remote audio/video communication if necessary
  7. be professional and honest in dealing with RECA staff;
  8. promote positive industry and public relations, including when participating in industry events or committees, and seek authorization before making statements to the media or public officials;
  9. not engage in behaviour which is known, or ought to be known, to be offensive or harassing;
  10. conduct the business and affairs of the Real Estate Council in a lawful and ethical manner;
  11. be accountable to the chair for my adherence to this code.

This code cannot, and is not intended to, address all situations. In some circumstances council members will need to rely on their own judgment and consultation with the chair to determine an appropriate course of action. In circumstances where a council member suspects conduct that contravenes policy or good conduct, the council member has an obligation to report the conduct to the chair.

Code of Conduct Guidelines (pdf) have been developed to assist in understanding the Code of Conduct for Council Members.