Corporate Services

The Real Estate Council of Alberta’s (RECA) corporate services department includes accounting services, human resources, information technology (IT), General Counsel, and building services. The Director of Corporate Services oversees the entire department.

Corporate services is responsible for the preparation of RECA’s operating budget, financial reporting, investment of the assurance and operating funds, payroll and benefits administration, and office administration, including the management of RECA’s office building, including the leased space. 

Corporate services also coordinates the management of the IT infrastructure, which includes the IT network and the development and maintenance of the myRECA system and the MOODLE education platform.

Corporate Services ensures RECA has the capacity to achieve its vision of excellence in self-regulation, specifically, by providing the necessary resources and technology.

Corporate Services also includes the RECA General Counsel, which provides legal support to the corporation. The areas of corporate responsibility include: corporate legal issues (e.g. advice on human resource legal issues), management of corporate litigation, legislative and regulatory policy, management of provincial and federal regulatory issues (e.g. OPIC files), Real Estate Assurance Fund claims, and serving as RECA’s Privacy Officer.

General Counsel is also responsible for RECA Hearings & Appeals Policies and Procedures, training hearing and appeal panel members, and RECA’s hearings and appeals support services.