Schedule 2 - Fees

Licence Fees
  Brokerage licence $450
  Initial brokerage application review (non-refundable) $300
  Broker, associate broker, associate, appraiser and candidate $475
  Broker, associate broker, associate, appraiser and candidate between July 1st and September 30th $275
Registration Certificate (transfers during licensing year)
  Broker, associate broker and associate registration $55
Real Estate Assurance Fund Levies
  New industry member - broker, associate broker or associate $100
General Fees
  Amendment to change the record of an existing licence/registration $55
  Brokerage amendment fee $50
  Authorization, discipline & education history (3rd party and individual requests) $50
  Return of non-payment of any cheque used to pay any levy, fee, premium, fine, administrative penalty or other amount required to be paid $30
  Education eligibility review (non-refundable) $100
  Suitability review (non-refundable) $200
  Extension for completion of re-licensing education program requirements $450
  Extension for completion of a licensing education course $300
  Conduct: Education upgrading per unit $300
  Examination fee and re-write fee $150
  Education exemption review fee $125
  Education Course withdrawal $300


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