Real Estate Act

Part 4 - Real Estate Assurance Fund

Section 59 - Rights in Actions

A person who commences an action against an industry member that may result in a claim against the Fund shall immediately give notice of the commencement of the action to the Council.


Where the Council is served with a notice under subsection (1) or where the Council otherwise learns of the commencement of such an action, it may, on application to the Court, be added as a party in the action and afterwards may take any steps on behalf of and in the name of the defendant that the defendant could have taken in respect of the action.

(3) The Council may disclose in any pleading by which it is taking steps under this section that it is appearing on behalf of and in the name of the defendant pursuant to this section.
(4) All acts of the Council under subsection (2) are deemed to be the acts of the defendant, and the Council may not be named as a defendant in the action and no judgment may be given against the Council.
(5) The defendant is deemed to have consented to and agreed with any action or steps taken by the Council pursuant to this section and performed by the lawyer acting on instructions from the Council.
(6) Nothing in this section and no steps taken under this section may be construed to the effect that a lawyer acting on the instructions of the Council is actually acting on behalf of the defendant.

RSA 2000 cR-5 s59;2007 c39 s33


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