Real Estate Act

Part 4 - Real Estate Assurance Fund

Section 58 - Investment and Insurance

Subject to the regulations, the Council may invest any part of the Fund not currently required for disposition only in accordance with the Trustee Act.


The Council may, in a manner and on terms and conditions it considers advisable, enter into contracts with insurers by which the Fund may be protected in whole or in part against any claim or loss to the Fund, and the costs incurred by the Council under those contracts may be paid from the Fund.

(3) The Council has, and is deemed to have had at all times, an insurable interest in the Fund and in the protection of the Fund against loss, notwithstanding that any loss is the result of the exercise of the discretion of the Council under section 60, 60.2 or 60.3 or the Alberta Real Estate Association under section 15.1 of the Real Estate Agents’ Licensing Act, RSA 1980 cR‑5..

RSA 2000 cR‑5 s58;2001 c28 s18;2006 c9 s16;
2007 c39 s32


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