Real Estate Act

Part 3 - Conduct Proceedings

Section 45 - Discontinuation of Proceedings
45(1) If a Hearing Panel has commenced proceedings in respect of the conduct of an industry member and is satisfied that the circumstances of the conduct do not justify the continuation of its proceedings respecting that conduct, the Hearing Panel may discontinue its proceedings in respect of that conduct, setting out its reasons for its decision.
(2) If the proceedings discontinued under subsection (1) in respect of any conduct were commenced as a result of a complaint, the executive director shall notify the complainant of the discontinuance and shall give the complainant a copy of the decision of the Hearing Panel.
(3) If proceedings are discontinued under subsection (1), no new or further proceedings shall be taken under this Part in respect of the same conduct that was the subject‑matter of the discontinued proceedings without the approval of the Council.

1995 cR‑4.5 s45


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