Real Estate Act

Part 2 - Regulation of Business of an Industry Member

Section 18 - Receipt of Money

No industry member shall solicit, accept or receive from the public money or other consideration except in the usual course of carrying on the business of an industry member.

(2) No industry member shall receive money in the course of carrying on business as an industry member unless, before receiving the money, the industry member has entered into a service agreement with the person who provides the money or on whose behalf it is to be held that expressly acknowledges the trust arrangement between them and sets out the terms on which the money will be received, held and disbursed.
(3)  Before accepting any money in connection with the carrying on of the business of an industry member, an industry member shall provide to the person on whose behalf the industry member is acting and any other person who is providing the money full particulars in writing of
  (a) any direct or indirect interest that the industry member or any associate within the meaning of the Securities Act or any officer, director or manager of the industry member or associate or, where the industry member is a partnership, any partner in the partnership, has or may acquire in the transaction, and
  (b) any intention on the industry member’s part to have the industry member or another person referred to in clause (a) named in any document that would tend to indicate that the industry member or that person had such an interest.
(4) This section does not apply to the soliciting, acceptance or receipt of money or other consideration that represents remuneration or expenses paid to an industry member for carrying on the business of an industry member or security provided for remuneration or expenses.

RSA 2000 cR‑5 s18;2003 c31 s8;2007 c39 s7


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