Delivery of Licensing Education Transfers from AREA to RECA

December 13, 2010

TO:       Real Estate Industry Members and Other Stakeholders                       

FROM:  The Real Estate Council of Alberta and the Alberta Real Estate Association

RE:        Delivery of Licensing Education Transfers from AREA to RECA

A multi-year Memorandum of Understanding between the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) and the Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) is coming to a conclusion. This agreement provides for AREA to administer, on behalf of RECA, Alberta’s real estate associate and brokers licensing programs.

When the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) was established in 1996, its mandate included responsibility for licensing and re-licensing education. At the time, RECA was not in a position to assume all aspects of this responsibility and looked to AREA to continue to participate in curriculum development and course registration and administration.

In 2008, RECA was able to assume responsibility for all aspects of its Re-licensing Education Program. Now, RECA and AREA have agreed it is an appropriate time for RECA to assume responsibility for the development and delivery of the real estate licensing education programs.

Current Situation:
RECA’s Memorandum of Understanding with AREA officially ends December 31, 2010. However, both parties have agreed to extend the agreement to allow for a staged transition, as follows:

Licensing Course

Timing of Transition to RECA

Introduction to a Career in Real Estate (Phase 1)

January, 2011

Fundamentals of Real Estate (Phase 2)

October, 2011

Introduction to a Career in Residential Real Estate (Phase 3)

May, 2012

Introduction to a Career in Commercial (Phase 3)

January, 2013

Introduction to a Career in Rural (Phase 3)

June 2013

Real Estate Office Management and Brokerage (REBP)

October, 2011

Next Steps:
The timing of the transitions reflects when RECA anticipates it will be ready to deliver new online education material for each course.

On AREA’s part, the transition will allow for a shift in focus. While RECA will continue to ensure REALTORS® stay current on industry rules and regulations and the Real Estate Act itself through relicensing education, AREA will expand the range of professional development opportunities available to REALTORS®. These offerings will range from quick, direct-to-your-inbox tutorials on prevalent practice issues to an array of course offerings developed in-house or accessed through licensing agreements with REBAC and other course providers.

Both RECA and AREA recognize the importance of working together to support Alberta REALTORS®. A key aspect of this relationship is the contributions each organization makes, through input and feedback, to the plans and activities of the other organization. To this end, RECA and AREA are collaborating to identify areas of business the other organization should contribute to and when and how to best deliver this input to achieve the most value.

Both organizations look forward to enhancing their working relationship and their service to the Alberta real estate industry. For more information on RECA’s education programs and its “Core Values” go to: