"Ask Charles" Consumer Questions

You've got questions, and he's got answers.

Charles Stevenson is the Director of Professional Standards at the Real Estate Council of Alberta. Charles knows that buying and selling a home can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be. "Ask Charles" is a monthly question and answer column for consumers about buying and selling property in Alberta.

The "Ask Charles" column runs in GreatNews Publishing's community newsletter publications in Calgary, and in Calder Publications' Community League Newsletters in Edmonton.

If you have a question for "Ask Charles," please email askcharles@reca.ca.

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I’m selling my home, and the potential buyers also want to use my real estate professional to represent them. Is that allowed?

My real estate professional told me there is a standard rate of commission in Alberta, is that true?

I saw an ad saying a real estate professional will buy my house if it’s not sold in 90 days. Should I be wary?