Unrepresented Sellers - What You Need to Know


Are you selling your home, but you aren't being represented by a licensed real estate professional? You may be a "mere posting" seller. A mere posting is when a real estate professional puts a seller's listing on a Real Estate Board’s listing database, but the real estate professional has chosen or agreed not to provide services to the seller other than to submit the listing for posting on a listing database.

If you are a mere posting seller, you need to make sure you understand the role of the buyer’s representative. You need to know the services you will receive from the buyer’s brokerage (real estate professonal) and just as importantly, what services you won't receive from the buyer’s brokerage.

What you need to know

Consumers with no representation
You may wish to work with a real estate professional for a particular real estate transaction and not want a real estate professional to represent you. Examples of this include:

A client is a person that enters into a service agreement with a real estate professional. A customer is a person who has made contact with a real estate professional but does not engage them to provide services.

In the situation where the real estate professional represents the buyer and the seller is selling their home through a mere posting listing, the buyer’s real estate professional will treat the seller as a customer and provide sole agency representation to the buyer. This means they will give administrative services to the seller and full representation services to the buyer.

Disclosure of role and administrative services to the unrepresented seller
It is important for a buyer's real estate professional to disclose to you that the buyer's brokerage:

Obligations to the seller
The buyer brokerage’s responsibilities to you, the seller, are:

Administrative services to the seller
When it is in the best interest of their buyer client, the real estate professional may give administrative services to you, as a customer. Real estate professionals will give these services to a customer because doing so would be for the benefit of their client and the transaction. Administrative services are at the option of the real estate professional, without creating a client relationship. The brokerage, at its sole discretion, may give you, the unrepresented seller, the following information or services:

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