Mortgage Fraud Awareness and Prevention


Mortgage fraud is a crime.  If you are approached about a scheme to make quick, easy money in real estate or asked to use your name for credit purposes, or asked to create or alter certain documents in a real estate or mortgage transaction – be suspicious.  If you suspect you may be getting involved in a fraudulent transaction, report your suspicions to the Real Estate Council of Alberta.

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Mortgage Fraud 101

Avoiding Mortgage Fraud: What Consumers Need to Know
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Mortgage Fraud: Protect Yourself!

Straw Buyer Fraud

Debt Rescue Fraud

Rental Fraud

Consumer Mortgage Fraud Tips

Mortgage Fraud FAQs

Estimating the Market Value of Your Home

Mortgage Glossary

Protecting Your Information

Mortgage Fraud Red Flags
All industries (pdf)
Mortgage Brokerage Professionals (pdf)
Real Estate Appraisal Professionals (pdf)
Real Estate Professionals (pdf)

Checklist: Mortgage Fraud Information for Borrowers (Representing the Borrower)

Checklist: Mortgage Fraud Information for Borrowers (Representing the Lender or Acting as Intermediary)

Fraud Month on RECABlog

Preying on the Desperate - Debt Rescue Fraud

Canadian Mortgage Fraud is on the Rise