Real Estate and Financial Literacy

Are you prepared for the financial realites of buying and owning a home? Learn what's beyond the purchase price with the resources and tools below.

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Buying a House or Condo

Are you ready to buy?

Are you financially ready to buy? (poster)

Closing Costs (poster)

Financial Readiness

Real Estate Buyers Guide

Real Estate Glossary

Preparing to Buy

Working with a Mortgage Broker

Finding a Licensed Real Estate Professional

Working with a Licensed Professional

Consumer Relationships with Real Estate Professionals

Industry Members and Their Roles

Avoiding Financial Scams

Avoiding Mortgage Fraud: What Consumers Need to Know
English (pdf)
Punjabi (pdf) ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਦੇ
Mandarin (pdf) 普通话

Mortgage Fraud: Protect Yourself!

Straw Buyer Fraud

Debt Rescue Fraud


House Shopping and making the offer

Getting a mortgage

Understanding and Securing Financing

Being a Responsible Borrower

Mortgage Brokerage Relationship Options

Mortgage Deals with Your Mortgage Brokerage Professional

Cost of Services

Seeking Outside Advice

Making the offer

Commission Calculations

Disclosure of Accepted Conditional Offers

Incentives and Inducements

Multiple Offers

Cost of Services

Seeking Outside Advice

Title Insurance


Financial Literacy Quiz

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Buying & Selling

Consumer Tools

Glossary of Terms


Consumer Tips


Industry Member Relationships