Customer - Real Estate


A customer is a person seeking information or assistance in a real estate transaction from a real estate professional, but does not want that professional to represent them.

What are a real estate professional’s obligations to you as a customer?

As a customer, the real estate professional is obligated to act honestly, ensure any information provided is correct, and exercise due care and skill at all times. Your real estate professional is also obligated to hold any monies received from you relating to purchasing a property in trust. A real estate professional can’t provide customers with advice, services that require the exercising of judgement or confidential information.  

Optional services your real estate professional may provide 
If you’re a customer, the real estate professional may provide you with other services or information, including:

Why would I want to be a customer?

Informed consent
Real estate professionals need to give you a clear understanding of their obligations and they must ensure their role is clear. As a consumer, you need to make an informed choice about the type of working relationship you want. The real estate professional must give you a copy of the Consumer Relationships Guide to review before you enter into any service agreement. The Guide outlines the different types of relationships you can have with a real estate professional. Real estate professionals must not pressure or direct a consumer or customer to become a client. For more information about client relationships, click here.

Customer acknowledgment form 
If you want to be the customer of a real estate professional, they may ask you to sign a customer acknowledgment form. The customer acknowledgment form clarifies the details of the customer relationship, and it can help avoid disputes or misunderstandings later on.

The customer acknowledgement form requires you to acknowledge: