Client - Real Estate


A client is someone who has entered into an agreement with a real estate professional to have that real estate professional represent them in a real estate transaction.

A client can be a seller, buyer, landlord, or tenant who hires a real estate professional to assist them with their real estate needs. In a client relationship, the real estate professional must represent the client’s best interests at all times and assist them with the transaction.

A professional’s obligations to you as a client
When you enter into a client relationship with a real estate professional, their responsibilities to you include:

Why would I want to be a client

If you were the customer of a real estate professional, they wouldn’t have the same responsibilities or obligations to you. A real estate professional can’t provide customers with advice, services that require the exercising of judgement or confidential information. Click here for more information on being the customer of a real estate professional or here for more information on consumer relationships with real estate professionals.

Informed Consent

Real estate professionals need to ensure their role is clear to clients, customers and third parties at all times. They must also not pressure or direct a consumer or customer to become a client. Your real estate professional has to give you a copy of the Consumer Relationships Guide to review before you enter into any service agreement. The Guide outlines the different types of relationships you can have with a real estate professional.

Your Written Service Agreement
If you’re the client of a licensed real estate professional in Alberta, they will ask you to sign a written service agreement. Written service agreements provide clarity about the roles and obligations between real estate professionals and their clients, and they reduce the potential for conflicts and confusion. Written service agreements: Make sure you review any agreement before signing it. You have the right to get independent legal advice on a written service agreement before you sign it and your real estate professional must not discourage you from doing this.