The Real Estate Council of Alberta's 2011-2016 Strategic Plan will usher in an era of greater professionalism, higher standards and a greater focus on putting the “self” back into “self-regulation.”

Throughout the extensive industry consultation that occurred prior to Council’s development and approval of the Plan, the message that came through from industry professionals, Advisory Committee members and other industry stakeholders was a desire to increase the professionalism within the industry. The belief being that, in doing so, it would:

During the course of the next five years, RECA will look to Alberta industry professionals to be active participants in the concept of self-regulation; to be fully engaged in their industry, with their peers and consumers; and, to be the standard by which all real estate, mortgage and real estate appraisal industry professionals should be measured.

RECA’s 2011-2016 Strategic Plan sets out five Critical Success Factors. In short, they are: to advance professionalism of the industry; to provide innovative, leading-edge career preparation and training; to promote quality standards and continuous performance improvement; to build awareness and appreciation for RECA; and, to ensure RECA has the capacity to achieve its vision of excellence. Now, it’s time to set the stage to achieve those critical success factors. To do so, RECA is hosting a national symposium on self-regulation.

Putting the “Self” Back in “Self-Regulation”

Following its approval of a Statement on Self-Regulation, in principle, in October 2011, Council invited industry professionals from across the province to provide their feedback for further Council consideration. The feedback gathering process culminated in a March 2012 RECA Symposium on Self-Regulation, which brought together industry stakeholders from across Canada, including individual industry professionals, representatives from regulatory organizations, government and trade associations, and members of the public.

After considering all of the feedback gathered during the self-regulation consultation process, the input received from industry stakeholders at the Symposium on Self-Regulation and the Symposium on Self-Regulation Final Report, Council formalized and approved its Statement on Self-Regulation at the April 2012 Council meeting.

This statement will serve as the philosophical cornerstone for much of Council's work in the current five-year Business Plan and beyond. Now that this philosophy has been formalized and approved, attention turns to ensuring RECA’s activities reflect it and the values and principles within it.

Executive Summary: Symposium on Self-Regulation Final Report

Statement on Self-Regulation (approved by Council, April 2012)