Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for the eligibility, training and authorization (licensing and registration) of persons seeking to be industry professionals. This responsibility includes reviewing applications from those seeking to become industry professionals and providing industry education that is required to qualify for an industry authorization. This also involves the annual renewal of industry authorizations, the development of re-licensing education requirements, and the review of circumstances affecting an industry professional’s ability to retain an authorization. The Office of the Registrar also provides information services to consumers and industry professionals.

Consumer and Industry Services
Within the Office of the Registrar, Consumer and Industry Services is responsible for the provision of authorization functions delegated from Council to the Executive Director. Consumer and Industry Services undertakes transparent, consistent and fair authorization reviews of individuals seeking to become industry professionals to ensure that all authorizations are issued in the public interest. Consumer and Industry Services also processes reciprocity applications from industry professionals in other jurisdictions who are seeking to become authorized to practice in Alberta. Apart from administering the registry of authorizations and issuing licensing histories, Consumer and Industry Services also supports Hearing and Appeal panels and RECA’s Professional Standards unit when the authorization of industry professionals is suspended, cancelled or made subject to terms or conditions.

Consumer and Industry Services also undertake transparent, consistent and fair reviews of the authorization of industry professionals who are the subject of criminal proceedings, convictions, judgements, insolvency or disciplinary matters. Such reviews are carried out to determine whether such circumstances make the industry professional unsuitable to hold an authorization or harm the integrity of the industry thereby making it no longer in the public interest for the industry professional to be authorized.

Consumer and Industry Services is the primary source of information for industry professionals and consumers. The information provided is independent, unbiased and credible. It is based on the Real Estate Act, Real Estate Act Rules and Bylaws, the standards of practice for industry professionals and general information relating to trades in real estate, dealings in mortgages and real estate appraisal services. Consumer and Industry Services also review consumer complaints, including initial analysis of complaints and providing guidance to consumers for possible resolutions.

Education Services
Education Services provides innovative, leading-edge career preparation and training programs for the industries RECA governs. These programs, in conjunction with re-licensing education requirements, result in qualified and competent industry professionals. To provide innovative, leading-edge career preparation and training, Education Services leverages technology through the delivery of its online courses and licensing examinations.

RECA’s education programs are learner-centered and provide maximum accessibility “Any Time, Any Place and Any Pace” through its use of online learning. The courses provide relevant, current content designed to actively engage the learner and to enable the learner to maximize their understanding of the knowledge and skills required for career preparation and advancement. RECA’s education programs aim to provide industry professionals with the practical knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to be work-ready for their practice. The goal of Education Services is the development of qualified and competent industry professionals who have an excellent understanding of self-regulation, and are competent, clear and transparent in their dealings with the public.

Education Services carries out the eligibility process for persons seeking to become industry professionals and has oversight systems in place to ensure adherence to RECA’s Code of Conduct for Learners. Education Services support RECA’s Education Core values and works collaboratively with industry associations, educational providers and contractors. In addition, Education Services promotes continuous learning and professional advancement.