Legislation Review Committee

Terms of Reference

April 2018

Ad Hoc Committee

Six (6) members of Council appointed by the Chair, one (1) of whom will serve as Chair and one (1) as Vice-Chair of the Committee.

Four (4) members of the committee present in person, one (1) of whom must be the Committee Chair or Vice-Chair

Ex Officio Members
Chair of Council (voting member)
Executive Director (non-voting member)

RECA Resources – The executive director will appoint one or more staff members to serve as staff resources to the committee.

The mandate of this committee is to review and provide recommendations to Council regarding:

The Committee’s responsibilities include:

The establishment of this committee does not affect the responsibility of the executive director to provide information, advice, and recommendations upon his or her own initiative, or upon the request of Council, on matters before Council affecting the regulation of the real estate industry.

The term of the committee expires October 31, 2018.

The term of the committee may be extended in writing by the Chair of the Real Estate Council of Alberta.

Council members appointed to this committee serve on an annual basis from November 1st to October 31st unless otherwise specified by the Chair of the Real Estate Council of Alberta.

2017-2018 Legislative Review Committee Members    
  Krista Bolton, Committee Chair    
  Robert Telford, Vice Chair    
  Ramey Demian    
  Phil McDowell    
  Amina Deiab    
  Bonny Clarke    
  Ex Officio    
  Brian Klingspon, RECA Chair    
  Bob Myroniuk, RECA Executive Director