Code of Conduct for Council Members

Code of Conduct (pdf)

Council Member Declaration

I promise to:

  1. promote the public interest
  2. uphold the principle of independence in decision making and not be influenced by public opinion, partisan interest, fear or criticism
  3. avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest in my work with RECA, including not using Council information for my own gain or to benefit persons or entities outside of RECA, and not participating in Council proceedings or decisions affecting appointing organizations, declare any conflicts of interest that cannot be avoided and remove myself from any participation in any discussion or decision where I am in a conflict of interest
  4. resign from Council if I am participating in or am a party in a legal dispute or legal proceeding against RECA
  5. unless required by law, keep all information I receive as a Council member strictly confidential. This provision will indefinitely survive the end of my term as a Council member
  6. foster my professional competence and knowledge, prepare fully and diligently for Council proceedings, make every effort to attend Council meetings in person, notwithstanding the opportunity to use remote audio/video communication if necessary, actively participate in Council meetings and make myself available to the chair and my colleagues as requested
  7. only make statements that support Council, not undermine Council decisions and act in solidarity with the Council
  8. understand the content in RECA’s foundational documents, including legislation and policies
  9. be professional and honest in all dealings, including with RECA staff, and  respect RECA’s well-established governance and operational boundaries
  10. promote positive stakeholder relations when participating in industry events or committees, and seek authorization from the chair before making statements related to RECA or its activities or mandate to the media, public officials, any member of the industry profession or public
  11. not engage in discriminatory behaviour, conduct contrary to human rights laws, including conduct which is known, or ought to be known, to be offensive or harassing and not engage in general harassing or offensive conduct
  12. conduct the business and affairs of the Council in a lawful and ethical manner and report unlawful and unethical conduct
  13. be accountable to the chair and Council for my adherence to this code

Duty to Report and Enforcement

This Code of Conduct cannot, and is not intended to, address all situations. In some circumstances Council members will need to rely on their own judgment and consultation with the chair to determine an appropriate course of action. In circumstances where a Council member suspects any conduct that contravenes RECA policy or this Code of Conduct, the Council member has an obligation to report the conduct to the chair and if the issue relates to the chair’s conduct, the report is to be made to the chair elect or past chair.

This Code of Conduct will be enforced. Subject to the Real Estate Act, Rules, Regulations and Bylaws or other laws that apply, the chair and/or Council will determine appropriate enforcement, As examples, the chair may recommend to Council a Council member resign or Council may condemn or censure behavior publicly or privately; if a conflict of interest is present, Council will exclude the Council member from the portion of the meeting relating to the conflict; or, if there is a breach of confidentiality or a Council member indicates they will not conform to their duty of confidentiality, Council may restrict the Council member’s access to confidential information. Other types of enforcement, including under section 9 of the Real Estate Act, will be used as appropriate.