Condominium Managers Implementation Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

April 2018

Implementation Committee

May 1, 2015 – December 31, 2019 (as amended) (subject to Council Chair extension)

Committee Composition


  • one (1) Council member who will be the Committee Chair (Property Manager appointment to Council)
  • one (1) condominium manager expert appointed by Chair of Council who will be the Committee Vice-Chair
  • one (1) condominium manager nominated by the Alberta Condominium Managers Association appointed by the Chair of Council
  • one (1) condominium manager nominated jointly by the Canadian Condominium Institute Alberta South and North appointed by the Chair of Council
  • four (4) condominium owners/board members appointed by the Chair of Council
  • three (3) Alberta condominium managers appointed by the Chair of Council
  • one (1) Real Estate Council of British Columbia Council member (Strata Property Council Member) appointed by Council

Ex-Officio Members are RECA Chair and executive director


RECA Resources – The executive director will appoint one or more staff members to serve as staff resources to the committee.
One (1) Real Estate Council of British Columbia staff member responsible for British Columbia licensed Strata Managers
One (1) Service Alberta staff member

The committee’s mandate is to advise and assist RECA with the implementation of regulation of condominium managers under the 2014 Real Estate Actamendments. The committee’s recommended regulatory model for Council approval may be complete by December 31, 2016.

In consultation with condominium managers, owners, board members, consumers, and other stakeholders, specific tasks for the transition to RECA condominium manager regulation include making recommendations to RECA about:

  • regulations under the Real Estate Act (i.e. exemptions)
  • categories of licences
  • eligibility, education, and examination requirements for each licensing category
  • practice standards under the Real Estate Act Rules, including but not limited to, competency, trust accounting, record keeping, information reporting to RECA
  • participation in the Real Estate Assurance Fund, including but not limited to, fees and compensation limits
  • errors and omission insurance for condominium managers
  • Real Estate Act or Rules interpretation or application issues for condominium managers
  • communication strategy to inform condominium mangers and stakeholders about the transition to condominium manger licensing and regulation under the Real Estate Act
  • RECA resourcing requirements for start-up and ongoing regulatory responsibilities
  • identification of any other issues requiring RECA or Alberta Government decisions for successful implementation

The committee will meet as scheduled and will communicate cooperatively.


2017-2018 Condominium Managers Implementation Committee Members
  • Christine Zwozdesky, Chair
  • Deborah Howes, Vice-Chair
  • Denis Brodeur, Consumer Representative
  • Crystal Deley, Alberta Condominium managers Association
  • Linda Faulkner, Condominium Owner
  • Luke Kurata, Consumer Representative
  • Junaid Malik, Condominium Owner/Board Member
  • Sandra Robertson, Condominium Manager
  • Ken Scott , Condominium Owner
  • Michael Stiebritz, Condominium Manager
  • Alan Whyte, Canadian Condominium Institute (North and South Alberta Chapters)
  • Rick Morrow, Condominium Owner
  • Tarek Merhej, Condominium Manager

Ex Officio

  • Brian Klingspon, RECA Chair
  • Bob Myroniuk, RECA Executive Director

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